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Quarantine Honeymoon:
NC Food Finds

2020 has been a rollercoaster. We got married one business day before a statewide shutdown, Corona happened, our people are being hunted and killed by police, we have been working from home literally since our non-existent honeymoon in March, and its an election year! Since we are newlyweds who cannot travel due to a pandemic, we had to find creative ways to celebrate our nuptials. One of the things we enjoy, which is safe, is to find new places to eat takeout. We often drive to other cities and try new foods. So look through our NC Food Finds Journey: Honeymoon Edition

Paris in the Spring

Getting to travel for work brings the best cultural experience; especially with food! Whether its learning from co-workers or getting our and exploring on your own, there are plenty of  restaurants to explore. Here is a collection of my favorite dining experience while visiting Paris in the spring.

Paris in the Summer

The best thing about being in Paris in the Summer is the fact that is literally doesn't get dark until 10pm! It was unbelievable. We stayed out late soaking up the culture and vibe in our favorite neighborhood off of Rue Cler. Every night at dinner was an adventure because we still had time to walk off the goodies and occasionally stop to get flower shaped ice cream. With the longer days, I was also able to visit the Paris Zoo and Musée Louvre in the same day!

Hanoi, Vietnam

The heat in Vietnam can sometimes be unbearable, but impeccable customer service makes you forget it all. Visiting here allowed me to be the most adventurous with food as I've ever been. From the  strangely interesting lunches at the work dining hall to the hunt to find American style food, the whole culinary experience was one to remember.

Halong Bay, Hang Sung Sot, Titop Island

Being able to visit the very place King Kong Skull Island was filmed was amazing. We took a cruise to three different locations in Halong Bay.  deep into the beautiful caves at Hang Sung Sot, chartered the blueish green waters of the bay, kayaked to see the energetic monkeys, and climbed to the top of Titop Island. Well I sat that last part out and enjoyed the beach. The caves almost took my life. LOL The cruise was only about $40 USD for the entire day and it came with a Vietnamese buffet.

Las Vegas, Nevada

My first time in Vegas was with my fiance. He invited me to come to the Omega Conclave over the summer. While there we ate at some amazing restaurants, including my favorite food network Star, Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen. With the amount of walking combined with the heat, we didn't have large appetites. When we did eat he were very strategic  making sure we tried something new and refreshing. one thing we didn't forget to do was visit Fat Tuesday every single day.  A frozen daiquiri is definitely needed while in Vegas. 

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