Hi! I'm Jessica Singleton (Fulks) - fashion designer, creative and home cook living in North Carolina, sharing creative, simple, and globally inspired recipes grounded in my own culture.

The Chronicles of the Cast Iron Chef recipe blog celebrates the vibrant culture that surrounds us all. My hope is that this website and my other social media outlets will inspire more people to cook at home promoting a healthier lifestyle, family unification, romance, and most of all an understanding of Black Culture and its influence and adoption of various Diasporas. 


No matter what race, creed, religion we can all agree that food can bring us together. Cooking meals from scratch and using fresh ingredients are the two most nourishing things we can do for our families and friends. Eating together and fellowshipping builds relationships AND  bridges to understanding each other. I know cooking can be challenging, especially during the work week. I've learned a few tips and tricks along the way to help ease your mind and bring fun back to kitchen. If all else fails, get someone to help you and disguise it as something fun (or romantic) to do together. LOL.

Cooking doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or time consuming. Tasty meals can be easy and affordable, without compromising any flavor. (Well, that's if you know how to season properly.) So may the souls of my ancestors guide my hands, and let me flavor these snacks until I hear them say, "That's enough chile".

Enjoy the blog and hit my hip anytime!


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